1. Call & Place Order

Call 413-314-FAST. Make sure to check our hours. Let us know which service you would like (route service or on-demand), and which products you would like to buy. You can order by product (Gallon milk) or by store-specific product (1% Garelick Farms gallon milk from Stop & Shop).

If you don’t care about where we pick up the product from, we usually will default to the cheapest brand we find.

2. Pick a time or use our On-demand service.

We currently offer our route delivery service everyday from 10pm-12am.

ASAP delivery On-demand means we will deliver it as soon as you place an order. Ask what times when ASAP services are available.

Route delivery Route delivery are specific hour-blocks during the day which we will drop your stuff off. For example, we usually have route deliveries from 10pm-11pm. Within that time frame, your needs will be delivered. On-demand delivery is faster, but not as cheap.

Delivery charge is based on distance and amount of items. Some deliveries can run as low as $1.50.

3. Cash or Credit

Cash orders are automatically placed and confirmed. Credit Card orders are taken off via email invoice.

5. Get Your Stuff.

We will show up within 5-10 minutes of delivery time. Our service is prompt, and all you have to do is wait.


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