Amherst Pick-Me-Ups Grocery & item delivery service delivers anything you want from any store in the area.

Milk, cereal, bathroom items, kitchen items, and want it delivered the same day, Pick-Me-Ups is there for you! Running strong since 2011.

Delivery distance

We deliver groceries to Amherst, Hadley, Northampton, Sunderland, Pelham, and other areas around Hampshire County.

Delivery times

Any orders over 12 items usually needs a one-day turnaround, but most routes must order 2 hours ahead to get order in. Text 413-314-3278 to confirm spots.

Amherst – 10am-11am // 330-430pm // 730-9pm // 1030-1130pm Monday-Sunday

Hadley – 10am-11am // 330-430pm // 10-11pm Monday thru Sunday

Northampton – 10am – 11am Monday thru Friday. 8pm-9pm & 1030pm-1130pm Thursday-Sunday (afternoon times available but limited)

Sunderland & Deerfield 4pm-5pm Monday thru Friday. 10pm-1130pm Thursday – Sunday

Belchertown / Granby / Mt. Holyoke – 330-430pm Monday – Friday . 930-1030pm Monday – Sunday (LIMITED Thurs and Saturday)

You can still order if your town/time isn’t listed but maybe extra.

Price (Approximate)

  • 1 – 2 items or under 20.00 – 3.75-5.00 (tip usually included)
  • 3-6 items and/or under 40.00 – 5.00-6.00 (not including tip)
  • 7-12 items or under 60.00 – 6.50-8.00 (not including tip)

Most routes the price is the same. Routes that are 8 miles+ maybe extra.

We post discounts, such as FREE DELIVERY & discount delivery days on our Facebook page!!

Order Now

  • ┬áText(preferred) or Call 413.314.FAST (3278)
  • Place order of what you want and store. If we know a cheaper store we will inform you.
  • We will provide rough estimate and time during pick-up.
  • Pay total via cash or via CC/Debit┬ávia Square or can pay with Venmo upon arrival.
  • Must cancel order 15 minutes before delivery route.
  • No returns unless received wrong item (be sure to be specific in text)
  • Please tip driver. They are shopping AND delivering on your behalf. Thanks!



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