Amherst Pick-Me-Ups Grocery & item delivery service delivers anything you want from any store in the area.

Milk, cereal, bathroom items, kitchen items, and want it delivered the same day, Pick-Me-Ups is there for you! Running strong since 2011.

Delivery distance

We deliver groceries to Amherst, Hadley, Northampton, Sunderland, Pelham, and other areas around Hampshire County.

Delivery times

Orders must be made 2 hours before delivery time. Next day orders are not charged a same-day fee.

  • 10am-11am
  • 4:30pm-5:30pm (limited, usually 6+ hours notice and/or less than 4 items)
  • 7pm-8pm (limited, usually 6+ hours notice and/or less than 4 items)
  • 10pm-11pm


1-12+ items preferred.

  • 2.00 per store + .40 per item
  • .30/mile from store to destination
  • 4 percent of subtotal over 20.00 (25.00 order = .20 cents)
  • Same-day ordering from 1.25 extra if 5+ items
  • 12+ items orders can be made for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning and must be 24 hours in advance (limited).
  • Small items can count as one item (ie: 3 cans of tuna fish). Big items or deli/wait items may count as 2 items (24-pack of water, deli meat, unbagged produce).
  • Pickup orders count as 1 item per bag, and can save money if you call in order (good for 2-3 items or less)
  • Please include tip for driver upon delivery.

We post discounts, such as FREE DELIVERY & discount delivery days on our Facebook page!!

Order Now

  •  Text(preferred) or Call 413.314.FAST (3278)
  • Place order of what you want and store. If we know a cheaper store we will inform you.
  • We will provide rough estimate and time during pick-up.
  • Pay total via cash or via CC/Debit via Square or can pay with Venmo upon arrival.
  • Must cancel order 15 minutes before delivery route.
  • No returns unless received wrong item (be sure to be specific in text)
  • Please tip driver. They are shopping AND delivering on your behalf. Thanks!



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