Amherst Pick-Me-Ups Furniture Delivery Page

When Do You Need Our Moving Help?

  • When you sell item on Craigslist. We can deliver it so more people will be interested in buying.
  • When you want an item but you can’t pick it up.
  • When you want an item but too far away.
  • When you need 1-2 things moved (We are not a moving service so 1-2 items is usually maximum)
  • When you don’t need to hire a moving company to pick-up and drop off just one thing (ie: a mattress).


Delivery times

Every Sun/Tues/Thurs 11am-11pm. Call in advance. Other days possible, not guaranteed.


Estimated by distance, items (fridge, table, bookshelf), intensity (1-2 people, flights stairs). Below is how we estimate quotes, but can be much lower or higher. Use it as a gauge.

  • 5.00 per pick-up spot/ 16.00 if two people are required.
  • small item – 5.00 (chair, box) medium item – 8.00-12.00 (kitchen table, desk) large item – 15.00+ (mattress), discounts for multiple items/easy moving
  • 1.00 per mile, 1.40 after 10 miles. 20 mile limit.
  • Small items (ie: sneakers) go under item pickup and will be priced differently (usually from just $5)
  • Extra for any extraneous moving (ie: moving from 3rd floor of apt)
  • bulk items can count as one item (ie: 3 chairs = medium item, dresser, drawer, desk = large item)

Example order: One bookshelf from Greenfield to Amherst (18 miles): $40, one A/C from Amherst to Hadley – $15-20


Call 413.314.3278 (Text preferred)



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