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You wanna give that special someone a Valentine’s Day gift? Or you have a bunch of friends you want to make feel good on the day of love?

We do flower delivery on Valentine’s Day, and… any day of the week! We also do custom deliveries of flowers, gifts, candies and pastries from your favorite spots in Amherst.

Flower Delivery

    • One Rose + Card with custom message – 8.00-9.50+ (depends on distance and times to drop off, bigger time window = less!). tip and fee included!
    • Additional roses = 4.25 or 6 for 20.00
    • Pay via Square Invoice or Venmo or Cash.Me for deliveries!

Custom Delivery

We deliver from other places. You want us to pick up a last minute gift or item and bring it to your loved one? Yes, we can do that! Just let us know and we can drop it off.

  • Drop-off start from 4.25 (with tip included in the fee)
  • Customizing gift (wrapping, candles) or multiple pick-ups is extra.
  • Delivery times are 11am 2pm 5pm 8pm and 10pm (one-hour window). Other times maybe extra depending on delivery.

Some Delivery items:

Blooming Bulbs 4.50 or 3.33 Each at Stop & Shop

7.99 Bouquet

How to Order

  • Text 413-314-FAST (3278) with ordering the flower and cards or ordering anything else.
  • If form a specific store, let us know the store or if store doesn’t matter, just let us know the flowers you like.
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