Posted by on January 23, 2018

Ordering Delivery Express

We have been in business for almost a decade now, and although its great to hear people say “I can’t believe I haven’t heard about your business!”, we do understand that many people don’t use our service because it seems confusing.

Well, over the next few months we are working on bringing back our online ordering, so you can pick the items you want for delivery and just get it done easy! But we always have a soft-spot for text-to-order, which makes it easier to just ask for what you want and let us do the rest.

I wanna order Food! … How?

Two ways to order food: Text us the order, Or DIY ordering.


  1. Text us and request which restaurant you want. Response times can be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes or so.
  2. Text us the items you want to order. be sure the you text items clearly and the options. GOOD: I would like chicken fried rice large with no onions, and a can of sprite. BAD: I would like fried rice and a sprite.
  3. Let us know how you will pay (cash, card,, or Venmo)
  4. Address to drop off (returning customers we will have your information on file)
  5. We will provide a time and give you a total before heading to your destination.

DIY Ordering

DIY ordering is the preferred option for some restaurants. You call in the order and we give you a time for it to be ready.

  1. Text what restaurant you want to order from and what time you should call it in.
  2. We will give you a time to place the order and the name it should be under (Call/Order online for 730pm)
  3. Order it however you order it, either by calling place or through an app.
  4. You pay for the order (or just the fee if paid for beforehand) when we arrive.

DIY ordering is good because:

  • it is cheaper then text-to-order.
  • it allows you to use apps and possibly get discounts and rewards from the particular restaurant, and
  • there is less likely to be an ordering error or mistake when you place the order.