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Article Summary

  • Amherst Pick-Me-Ups expanding unique service.
  • Help people outside of town of Amherst.
  • Added Mission Cantina as partner to service.
  • Commerce made easier for people all around.

346 North Pleasant St. Suite 1

Amherst, MA 01002

413.314.3278 // Contact@AmherstDelivery

Contact: Kuljit Saini

Marketing Manager: Marquis Hunt


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Anything Delivered? Amherst Pick-Me-Ups Expanding Unique Errand Service.

Amherst, MA (July 20th 2013) – Amherst Pick-Me-Ups manager Kuljit Saini sees the need of Pick-Me-Ups in the Hampshire County area. Going into its 3rd year running, Pick-Me-Ups is building popularity in town with its all-around delivery service.

“People can get anything delivered with us,” says Saini. “We have delivered groceries, fast food, printed documents, couches, even bales of hay. The people that use our service really enjoy it.”

Julia Dominica of Northampton used the service for the first time last month, and was very pleased.

“They helped us move some furniture, and made our life so much easier,” says Dominica. “This is a cool service and I’d most definitely use it again.”

Along with operations manager Marquis Hunt, Saini plans to expand the service by adding more hours and delivering to other towns. Currently, Pick-Me-Ups does most of its delivery service just in the Amherst area.

“We have been low-key for a while now,” says Marquis Hunt, who does the daily operator duties for deliveries.”But we have a grasp of how to do it well and still provide a good service to more people.”

Both Hunt & Saini mentioned that by partnering with businesses, they are able to provide a better service.

“We have partnered with Primo Deerfield, and most recently Mission Cantina,” says Hunt. “These are wonderful establishments, and it is cool to hear customers excited that they can get their favorite food delivered.”

Kuljit Saini points out that although restaurant delivery is part of the service, he doesn’t want the company to be known for restaurant delivery.

“Some people think we only do restaurants” says Saini.”We want people to know if they ran out of toilet paper, they can call us and we’ll deliver it. We want people to know if they like a couch on Craigslist, they can call us and we’ll bring the couch to them.”

Both Saini & Hunt are excited about expanding their service because of the community benefit.

“Businesses make more money if they can reach customers with a delivery service,” says Hunt. “Furniture delivery helps keep stuff from being thrown away and adding to the landfills. Also, it helps people buyers & sellers reach more people by using our service. Now someone in Greenfield can sell a bookshelf to someone in Hadley very easily.”

Saini says that once Pick-Me-Ups expands its hours, they will begin doing deliveries to towns like Granby, South Hadley, Montague, & Greenfield.

“Maybe this time next year, we might be able to call our company ‘Western Mass Pick-Me-Ups’,” says Saini.

About Amherst Pick-Me-Ups

Amherst Pick-Me-Ups is a delivery errand company that provides multiple delivery and transportation services. The service can provide delivery of individual items, no matter what the cost. Groceries, appliances, books, office supplies, restaurant food, furniture, documents & more. Located in Amherst. Contact Kuljit Saini for more information at 413.314.3278 or


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