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Security systems cost a lot of money, but there are ways to secure your home with cheap detectors and alarms. Amherst Pick-Me-Ups not only sell them, but will deliver them to you for FREE! Also, we can install an alert system in your home that will send a text to your phone if any of your sensors go off.

Entrance & Window Alarms

These alarms go off if someone opens a door or window while you are away. These either use some type of spring or (in our case) a magnet that when separated will trigger an alarm. Here is a door alarm demo:

Door alarm demo

We have similar door alarms from Doberman & General Electric starting at 11.99. They are very easy to set up.

Motion sensor alarms


Motion sensor alarms work by sensing changes in infrared energy given off by an object. When a person moves rapidly, they give off a sudden change of energy, and the alarm will sound. These alarms work well if you are trying to protect an entire room, than just a window.

NOTE: They do not work well with pets. There are pet-resistant motion alarms, but we currently don’t carry them.

We have motion detector alarms from 25.99. Battery included.

Using iSpy with alarms

iSpy is a free program that you can use on your computer. When your computer hears a sound, the iSpy will respond in any way you want.What is great about iSpy is that you can have it send an email or text to your phone when it hears alarm. This is much, much cheaper than buying a system. Here is a demo of how it can work:

We can setup iSpy for your home for just 14.99. You need a computer and after it is complete, you need to keep the computer in a hidden spot so it isn’t noticed by intruders.

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