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Sometimes it sucks not knowing what is open around Hampshire County on Christmas Eve and the day of. So we tried to confirm some hours from stores that you probably might try to go to before celebrating the holiday.

Supermarkets & Stores

  • Stop & Shop in Hadley, MA is open on Christmas Eve from 6am-6pm and is closed all Christmas day.
  • Whole Foods in Hadley is open from 7pm-6pm and is closed all Christmas day.
  • DB Mart on Triangle street says they are going from 7am to around 11:30pm on Xmas eve, but doesn’t know about Xmas day. Possibly it could be open from 8am-5pm.


  • Russell’s Liquors in Amherst (Main street) will be closing at 6pm on Christmas eve and closed Xmas day.
  • Liquors 44 is open until 6pm and is closed on Christmas day. I am assuming all of the Liquors 44 are doing the same.

Food & Restaurants

  • Bruno’s Pizza in Amherst is closed at 3pm on Christmas Eve and closed all Christmas day.
  • Dominoes Pizza is closing at (GASP!) 7pm on Christmas Eve and closed all Xmas day.
  • Zhang’s Kitchen in Amherst allegedly will close at 10pm. But they might close an hour before that.
  • Amherst Delivery (THAT IS US!) will be closing at 7pm on Friday and closed on Xmas.
  • Sibies is closed Xmas Eve and Christmas Day.


  • Bishop’s Lounge is closed on Christmas Eve but will be having a dance party on Xmas day!
  • Moan & Dove says they are open until 1am BOTH FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. But was also told they will close at 8pm tomorrow. Call them to confirm: 413-256-1710.


  • Planet Fitness Hadley is closing at 5pm on Xmas Eve and closed all Xmas day.

Do you know of any other places that may be open? Close early? Christmas nightlife? Let us know!


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